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Welcome to the McCarty-McCoy Family Genealogy Pages

Branches to the McCarty-McCoy family tree are Bonner, Higgins, Kennedy, O’Hara, Wilt & Yingling, to name a few. All living people have been omitted from this site. If someone is listed here that is still living, it is an error and I would appreciate your letting me know.

This tree contains “inlaw” type people because of links between families with siblings & cousins marrying siblings & cousins. I add parents, siblings, other spouses and children of people marrying into the family. I don’t add beyond those relationships unless there is another link to the family. Check out the Reports section to see a list of siblings marrying siblings and other custom reports.

If you would like to see a stripped down tree without the inlaws in, I have a tree for DNA purposes on RootsWeb. The link to it is McCarty McCoy DNA Family Tree

If you have anything you would like to share or correct, please contact me. Even if I disagree with your change, I will put a note on the person with the alternative information – unless you are claiming they are from Mars or something! You can either use the “contact” button at the bottom or the “suggest” button on the right side of the person’s menu.



Wilt and Yingling Branches

I am particularly interested in the Wilt and Yingling lines from the Central Pennsylvania area. Christian Yingling is my oldest known direct ancestor – he came to the US about 1710 and settled in Philadelphia. I descend thru his son John Yingling. John moved to Maryland sometime before 1740. I am connected to the Wilt line thru John’s daughter Hannah Yingling who married Peter Wilt. Peter and Hannah moved to Central Pennsylvania as well as other members of the Wilt and Yingling families.

I have connected via DNA with several people in those lines so I have confirmed the paper tree. If I come across someone with a Wilt or Yingling surname from the Central Pennsylvania area, I will add them to my tree and hopefully connect them to my branches. I know there is at least one Yingling branch in the area that came from Germany in the 1800s – I don’t know if they are related to Christian or not.


About Me

My name is Kelly Booth and I am a genealogy addict. I got interested in genealogy back in the late 80s. I still have the hand written notes that my mother gave me with the names of the kids of my great grandparents. I worked on it off and on and then after my one aunt died in 2012, it really stuck.

I grew up knowing who my great grandparents were and often heard stories about them. Like other people working on their family history, I have disproved things and also confirmed things. And I have learned new things too. I have found some bad things, some sad things, some good things and some happy things.

Besides genealogy, I enjoy music, gardening and spending time with my dog Bo. I rescued him the summer of 2015 when he was six. He is a Yorkie and very spoiled. I collect the Department 56 Dickens Village and always enjoyed putting that up pre-Bo – he would have it destroyed in a couple minutes. But I wouldn’t give him up for anything and I call him my little Rainbow.


Grandmas Village

Although I don’t remember seeing it as a child, my grandmother always put up her village under her Christmas tree. I first saw a picture of her village as an adult after I started collecting village pieces. Hopefully my grandmother is looking down and pleased that I am following in her footsteps. I guess it is in my blood!


Birthdays for 16 Oct 2018
Mary Vernimon - 1777
Henry Baker - 1836
Elizabeth Bougher - 1854
Harriet Augusta Little - 1856
David Albert Shaw - 1859
Ellen C. "Nellie" Wilt - 1875
Emma Ray - 1877
Angeline "Annie" Cence - 1881
Oscar Peter Skelly - 1885
Joseph C. Barroner - 1913
Anna Grace Hall - 1916
Raymond G. Bowman - 1929
Jack Edward Kelly - 1934
James Eugene Kelly - 1934


What's New - View the latest updates made to the site.

Most Wanted - Check out the Most Wanted section to see who my brick walls are and what I know about them.

Articles - I have started to write some articles about the more interesting things that I have found.


Murders, Accidents, Veterans and More

We have a few murders in the family – both victims and murderers. The earliest was Mary (McCoy) Shirley in 1852 who was beaten to death by her husband James Shirley. Mary was pregnant at the time. James became the first person executed in Blair County, Pennsylvania. As was the case in those days, very little was written about Mary. It is unknown where she is buried.

In 1911, John Parrish murdered his father, Bernard William Parrish. A more “modern” day murder was Catherine McIntosh murdered in 1987. A lot was written about the man who murdered her. He ended up being allowed to basically commit suicide in prison after starving himself. A full list of murders is in the Reports section.

I also created other custom reports. I have a list of veterans dating back to the French and Indian War and also the known purple hearts. We have a lot of accidents and cancer deaths in the family. I have a list of the longest to shortest marriages. There is also of a list of brothers of one family marrying sisters of another family.

Check out the Reports section to see the various reports.


I am bound to them,
though I cannot look
into their eyes or
hear their voices.
I honor their history.
I cherish their lives.
I will tell their story.
I will remember them.

Author Unknown


McCarty Kids
McCarty Kids


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Contact Kelly

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Meet the Family
James and Gertrude McCarty
James and Gertrude (McCoy) McCarty
Sonman Mine Memorial, Portage, Pennsylvania

My name is Kelly Booth and my maternal grandparents are James Bernard McCarty, Sr. and Gertrude Violet McCoy.

Gertrude was the daughter of Joseph Alex McCoy & Nancy Elizabeth Kennedy. She was the youngest of 7 children, 2 of which died in infancy. Her surviving siblings were William, Al, Mae and Eva. Joseph and Nancy were married in 1879 in Osceloa Mills, Pennsylvania and the family moved to Hastings, Pennsylvania prior to Gertrude's birth. Gertrude was born in Hastings on 3 Jul 1900 and she remained there until she married Jim.

Jim was the son of Martin McCarty and Julia Higgins. He was the 3rd child and oldest son. His siblings were Nora, Catherine, Tom, Marie, Nell, Ursula and Clem. He also had an older half sister, Mary Edna thru his mother’s first marriage to John Donnelly. John was killed not too long after he and Julia were married. Martin and Julia were married 15 Apr 1890 in Renovo, Clinton County, Pennsylvania. The family moved to Spangler, Pennsylvania prior to Jim’s birth, and that is where he was born on 22 Jul 1894.

Spangler was just down the road from Hastings. At some point, the two met up and the rest is history.

Jim worked in the mines and he retired as a mine safety inspector for Eastern Gas & Fuel Associates. He was also a first aid instructor and a member of the Holmes Safety Association. There was a mine explosion on 15 Jul 1940 at the Sonman Shaft Coal Company in Portage Township in which 90 miners were killed. Jim was the Director of Mine Rescue for that rescue. The picture to the left is of Jim and two other members of the rescue team.

The picture at the top of this section of Gertrude & Jim was taken at the memorial for the miners killed in that explosion.

Jim’s father Martin is listed in the Most Wanted section. Martin was the one that started my genealogy journey yet the one that I know the least about. Martin is one of those people that would be at the top of my list if I had the opportunity to sit down with someone no longer with us. Check out the Most Wanted section to read more about what I know about Martin.


Kelly Booth with my grandfather James McCarty
Me with my grandfather James McCarty and brother